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Special Thanks!

 First I would like to thank Tristan Wright (Thrawst) whose great tutorials have kept me on the edge of my seat, eager to learn new speedsolving techniques. 3x3, 4x4, 5x5- I owe a lot of my skill with these puzzles to Tristan.

To Weston Mizumoto (TheWestonian), one of my best advisors. He helps out with my questions, which helps me make tutorials and my site. He also makes his own tutorials and he is secretly a piano GOD. Weston, you started off making okay tutorials, but your more recent tutorials are EXCELLENT. ~ It won't be long before he is making far better tutorials than mine. 

To Anthony Searle, is excellent website made me want to start a website of my own. He also gives me great advice when I'm making webpages or tutorials.

 To Ibrahim Vajgel-Shedid (esquimalt1) for being such a badass, and helping me out with my questions. This helps me make good tutorials and good pages on the site. Thanks Ibrahim!

 To Lars Vandenbergh and Bob Burton for their web pages, from which I have learned lots of algorithms to help me expand my methods.

 To Shotaro "Maki" Makisumi for his awesome text-based BLD tutorial... it's very difficult to learn BLD through text, but he does an amazing job at explaining the steps. 

 To Shelly Chang, my favorite cuber. She was the first person I saw on YouTube to solve a cube blindfolded, and that was sort of a big moment for me. I've been a big fan ever since. And yes.. yes.. she's very pretty. Also, she has a very interesting sort of slow-turning style which is fun to watch.

 To Tyson Mao for being a pimp.

My Favorite SpeedCubing Links!

General Speedcubing Sites: (AKA Bob Burton's Site) (AKA Anthony's Site) (AKA Nakajima's Site) (AKA Thrawst's Site) (AKA Thrawst's amazing Speedcubing Search Engine) (AKA Lars Vandenbergh's Site) (This is a good site I recently found, covering a broad range of topics: 3x3, big cubes, BLD methods, ect.)


 Algorithm Banks:

 Jaap's Puzzle Page This site has tutorials for almost every puzzle. (This page has the most OLL algorithms for each case.) (This page has the most PLL algorithms for each case.)



 JNetCube This is the most popular timer, and has many great features.

 Calcube Timer (CCT) This is another great timer, some people prefer this timer to JNetCube.

 Gabbasoft This is a program that simulates any size of Rubik's Cube up to 20x20. Download this!


 Puzzle Collection Stuff: (Fun places to buy puzzles!) or (They are the same site, really...) (Awesome and Unique puzzles.) (This is the only place to get 6x6 and 7x7 cubes, and the best place to get 5x5s.) (If your problem is you have too much money, this site can help you. Scott Bedard is one of the most brilliant puzzle builders out there. You can buy fantastically rare puzzles here, but unfortunately they are too expensive for most people to afford.) (A little known site with impressive wares.)


 Puzzle Repair Stuff: (Boring places to buy parts!) (Best place to buy stickers. You can also buy replacement parts here.)


 Puzzle Building Stuff: (Tutorial sites for custom puzzles.) (This is the best site ever!) (Click the 'Puzzle Building' link on the left. Great guides!)


 Other Stuff:

 How to re-string a Rubik's Magic


There are now two downloads. I have been very lazy with the downloads section on my website! If there is something cool that I should make available to download, please let me know!

 April Fool's Day '10 (5.02 MB .png)  - for april fools day this year, I changed my website so that everyone would think I was a fruitcake. If you didn't see it, check it out now!

 Printable PLL Algorithm Sheet (44.5 KB .pdf)  - this is a very clean looking pdf with all of my PLL algorithms on it. It is something which is nice to have if you are interested in learning more PLLs. Print this in color if you can, because the images were designed specifically to help with color recognition.