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New Article: Orbits

I added a new article about Orbital Mechanics... some people have asked me about this in real life, so I decided it was something worth explaining on the site! It's a cool page, and it took a long time, so check it out!

Back for another year!

Hey everyone, I finally got around to bringing the website back for another year. It was down for most of the month of January, and I basically just forgot that I needed to renew it. Of course, renewing does cost a certain amount of money, so I don't really think that I need to make excuses. Anyway, if the site is as popular this year as it was last year, it will have been be worth it. Enjoy the site.

Contact Me

Hi everyone. I have deleted my "speed cubing" email address. Practically, this means that it will be impossible to contact me from now on. The reason is because I tend to get a lot of questions about speed cubing that I am no longer prepared to answer. I'm not interested in speed cubing anymore so it's difficult to answer a lot of the questions that I am asked, not to mention very distracting to my studies. Sorry for the inconvenience, but you'll have to find someone else to answer your questions.

For those of you who know my REAL email address, please do not email me about speed cubing. I will block you. I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm just trying to get some privacy back on my email account.


If you really feel compelled to comment on the site, you can leave a message on my YouTube Channel. The chance of me reading it is slim, however.

 My YouTube Channel

Obviously this doesn't apply to my "good" friends on YouTube, who I will try to stay in contact with!

Update History

 April 22, 2011:

 Got wise to the fact that 9 year old's might read this page, and removed any objectionable language from my articles page. Removed the Tim Horton's article because probably no-one cares.

 Fixed the location of the site title. It was way up high for some reason for the past 6 months or so. Took 10 seconds to fix.

 February 23, 2011:

 I've added a way to request a page in the articles section. My next page is going to be orbital mechanics. No, that's not a joke. Look forward to it.

  February 05, 2011:

 I've added an Articles page to the site, where I can just talk about stuff I find interesting. Please leave a comment on my YouTube channel if you think this is a good idea, or if you think it's a bad idea.

 September 1, 2010:

 I've removed my email address, you can't contact me anymore. Sorry!

 May 13, 2010:

 I have been working on the members page for the last few days, and I finished it up today. It looks good, and there is finally some exclusive content, so now it's definitely worth joining the site.

 I changed my email address to a dummy email address ( which will auto-forward to my real email address. Why did I do this? Because people keep adding me to MSN, AIM, ect... and this is really annoying. I don't have any problem with people wanting to add me and chat, if they have interesting things to ask me about or if they want help with their method or building puzzles. But  most people that add me just say "Hey, what's up?" several times a day, and I really just don't see the point. This is simply a privacy measure, and it won't affect how easy I am to contact.

  April 4, 2010:

 Made a printable PLL sheet. It is a very clean looking PDF. You should print this in color, as the images were made specifically to help with color recognition. This can be found in my downloads section.

 April 2, 2010:

 Restored the site from the April Fool's Day joke. I also changed the look of the site slightly.

 Made a copy of the April Fool's Day prank. You can view it in my downloads section.

 Added a members area. It's not done yet, but you are now able to join my website as a member.

 April 1, 2010:

 Changed blueknight cubing to blueknight ponies, a my little pony fan-site, as an April Fool's Day joke.

 March 5, 2010:

 Added the Ryan Heise simulator in the arcade section. Way too cool. It won't save your times or take averages though...

 February 17, 2010:

 Released my square 1 page! HORRAY! This has actually been almost finished for almost a year, but I got really bored of working on it. Let me know if you find errors.

 February 13, 2010:

 Placed a intuitive F2L explanation in the F2L section. It's not done yet, but it is better than nothing.

 Changed the 2-Look OLL video to the newer version.

 January 05, 2010:

 I've renewed the domain name for another year. It cost about 32 bucks, if you're curious about whether or not you can afford a website.

 I removed the shout-box feature from my main page. This is because people were impersonating me, and there wasn't much I could do about it. Please feel free to leave comments regarding the site on my YouTube page.